Canyon Thiess

At 14 years old Canyon tested into Sinclair Community College with the intention of earning a college degree before graduating high school. Simultaneously studying in both standard, high school classes while also taking college classes at the age of 17 Canyon earned his degree in Business Management in May of 2020, securing a college degree before becoming a legal adult and becoming a teenage college grad!

With his college degree earned he began the pursuit of his longtime dream of becoming an agent!  At 18 years old Canyon sat for and passed the OH real-estate exam, becoming a licensed agent while still a teenager.  Being both a teenage college grad and starting a successful career in real-estate as a teenager, Canyon is valued by his clients for his determination, hustle, and multiple years of real-estate experience.

“I always knew I’d become an agent, at 15 years old I openly started telling friends and family ‘I’m going to become a Realtor.”  Knowing what you want, and then going after it with bulldog like determination, using all of your God given talents and abilities along the way is what will get you where you want to be.”

When Canyon’s not closing deals, you’ll find him working hard on his hobbies, running, nailing a new calisthenics move, exploring parks and forests (particularly “Hueston Woods”) and learning guitar!

Canyon Thiess
Mobile: (513) 286-3078
[email protected]