Hayley Sunshine

Hayley Sunshine is a fun loving ball of light who is always ready for a new challenge.

She is thrilled to be a part of the 3B family.

Hayley is from Dayton Ohio and graduated from Oakwood High School in 2015. She kept her school years busy by participating in school musicals, plays and competitive dance. Keeping in stride with her creative passions, she went to Wright State University as a Theater Studies Major, and joined the Emerald Jazz Dance team. In following years she participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World, working as a Magic Kingdom Park Greeter where thousands of guests per day would be greeted with Hayley’s genuine smile. 

Hayley moved to Cincinnati 3 years ago, in love with the people and the energy of the city. She began her Queen City life working at Dewey’s Pizza in Oakley as a server. Still working there today, she has made great relationships with the familiar faces she sees weekly. Hayley strives to give all professional relationships courtesy, understanding, and respect. She is eager to create long-lasting relationships and help members of her community find the home they need. 

Hayley Sunshine
Mobile: (937) 654-7233