Meaghan Ritchie

Meaghan Ritchie is a tough cookie with a sweet heart! She is thrilled to be a part of 3B Realty and work closely with Bonnie.

Originally from Frederick, Maryland, she started competitive Baton twirling at an early age. Going to nationals every year until the end of high school – she got her competitive edge. At 18 years old she began her travel journey moving across the country with her partner who is in the military. States including Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Texas. While traveling cross country her constant side gig was leasing apartments, while her main focus was participating in nursing school. In Texas at Midland Memorial Hospital, she became a PCA in Labor and Delivery. In September of 2021 her army of 4 daughters and her husband moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Since moving to Cincinnati, she has tried out a few different career paths. Realizing she was hungry for more of a challenge she looked into Real Estate when she came across 3B Realty Group. Fitting right in and never skipping a beat! Meaghan has next level multitasking skills that make her challenging position look easy and is super eager to learn and grow.

Meaghan Ritchie
Mobile: (513) 278-8575
[email protected]