Pricing Your Home

Do It Right The First Time

Homes are more likely to sell when priced at a fair market value. Although sometimes it can be difficult, putting your home at a realistic value will bring a faster sale and more showings.

Always remember that only a couple thousand dollars can make the difference in if a homebuyer should see the house or pass over it.

Common Problems With Overpricing

Determining a price for your home can be one of the most significant decisions you make when selling your property. Still, we very often see sellers putting their homes on the market at prices not suitable for the property.

Not correctly pricing your home can cause your home to stay on the market longer, which research shows yields less interest and lower offers. Be assured that if your home has been on the market for a long time, any Realtor showing the home will be sure to mention this to their client, which will greatly deminish your negotiating power.

Another problem is that many modern home search engines are filtered by a price range. While you’ll never be missed for pricing too low, an additional thousand on your asking price can limit your exposure on real estate websites.