Our Marketing Plan

Our Eight STEP Marketing Plan!

Depending upon the market trends, your home location, price point, and a variety of other pertinent factors the sale of your home may take a single day or several months. Over the years we have found that establishing a solid launching point for your home’s marketing campaign leads to more showings and often times faster sales. If you choose to work with us, we will go over this marketing plan in detail, but below is a brief synopsis of what we do to get your home visibe, and ultimately, sold.

Step One: Preparation

Week one is the launching point for the entire eight step marketing program, and in that regard, probably the most important. We begin by preparing the listing paperwork and all pertinent documents, reviewing this marketing plan, taking professional photos of your home and placing signs in your yard.

STEP Two: Submit Paperwork and Home to MultiPLE Listing Service

The MLS is the nation’s premiere method for posting homes online to promote visibility and sales. Chances are, if you see a property online, it was pulled from the MLS.

When a 3B Realtor submits your property into the MLS, we are guaranteeing thousands of impressions by both potential home buyers and real estate professionals browsing your area.

STEP Three: Get Social, Go Viral!

Once your home is listed we immediately harness the power of Facebook, Instagram, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Listing Booster and many more programs to get your listing seen. With a huge majority of home buyers finding their future homes online these days, this method only continues to gain traction as a major player in marketing your home.

STEP Four: Review Initial Marketing Results

It’s always good practice to evaluate the results of any marketing plan in the beginning to gauge feedback and alter any future steps based on what’s found.

STEP Five: Tweak Prior Marketing

Using the data gathered from our results, we manipulate the next few marketing tactics if need be to better contour the plan to fit your home’s individual needs.

STEP Six: Reverse Prospecting

If needed, instead of matching potential buyers to your home, we try to match your house to the specifications of potential buyers. Sometimes when “soft marketing” has failed to generate a lot of results, switching to an aggressive marketing style can land additional leads for your home that were missed in the initial marketing plan.

STEP Seven: Revisit Visual Marketing

If we already haven’t, we examine all visual marketing materials pertinent to your home sale. This includes filming additional virtual tours of your home, snapping extra professional photos and spreading them throughout our network to generate new interest.

STEP Eight: Open House

An open house is a very important step in selling your home. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an open house is worth a million. We advise you on how to make your home welcoming to potential buyers, and how to maximize it’s sale potential – then, of course, we will host the event. To generate the most initial interest, we typically hold an open house the first Sunday after a property is listed, but we will customize your home schedule based upon you and your home’s specific needs.