How to get started

A Well-Maintained Home Attracts More Buyers
It’s important to remember that a well-maintained home is going to appeal to a wider range of potential home buyers. As the old adage goes, people judge books by their covers, and houses follow that same maxim. Just as you would have a car detailed before selling it, you can really affect your chances of selling your home by fixing things in and around the house.

Cleanliness Is Key
Keeping your home clean whilst trying to sell it also communicates to buyers that you keep it maintained and have not let it go.

Also — if you can — move furniture around as to create the illusion of more space in as many rooms as you can. Although the square footage of the home and each room will be available for the buyer, many will make a judgement call based on what they see. And everyone likes a large, spacious room.

Touchups and Paint
Painting walls and patching holes can add a sense of solidarity to your home. Tacky, spotted paint jobs can communicate that you haven’t maintained your home, as do holes. Also, look for any problems with window screens, electrical outlets that may be missing covers, and floor paneling that may be coming loose.

Clean The Basement
Although the basement can often be an afterthought, many potential home buyers will want to see the condition of your laundry room and furnace areas to see just how meticulous your caretaking skills have been.

For some people, the bathroom is an intimate place that must be kept clean at all times. Dried-out grout and caulking, loose hairs in the sink or bathtub, and toothpaste in the sink bowl will turn a majority of buyers off. Scrub tile and keep the sink clean.

As bathrooms tend to be small, it also helps to paint the room with a light color or clear out unnecessarily fixtures to add a sense of spaciousness.

Owning pets in your home can be an itchy subject for some home buyers. Before showings, try to arrange for any pets to be moved to a temporary location away from the home as not to discourage buyers who happen to not share the same affinity for animals as you do.

Entering Your Home
If your home is the cover of the book, your entryway is the first few pages. Create an atmosphere that speaks to buyers when they walk in. Play soft music in the background, put a mat down to show you value cleanliness. Also, make sure the doorbell works and the front area is well lit.